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And is there honey still for tea?

Kerstin Rodgers talks us through the perfect afternoon tea

If your idea of afternoon tea is a mug of builders and a Gypsy Cream you have so very much to learn! If, however, you regard afternoon tea as one of the culinary highlights of the day, you’re a person very much after the heart of local foodie and author Kerstin Rodgers, Miss Marmite Lover herself, who will be popping into the shop well after the tea things have been clearned away to talk to us about and answer your questions regarding the fare, the setting, the detailed ingredients of what really elevates a proper tea party.

RSVP if you’d like to join her and learn the secrets of a proper tea party at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th March! Dresscode: lovely

Heroines, our legal high

The real heroines of literature might not be who you thought they were…

We all have our favourite literary heroines and, when author Samantha Ellis found herself arguing with friends about whose heroine was best, the inspiration for her truly delightful How To Be A Heroine occurred.

Whether you’re a Lizzy Bennet person or a Cathy Earnshaw type … heavens, you might even be a Anastasia Steele (bet you’re not), join us on Monday 30th March at 7.30pm when Samantha will talk to us about her book and what she’s learned from ‘reading too much’. As if that can ever be the case! Please book ahead.

By the way, I’m a Shirley Keeldar fan!

Walk in Rebel Footprints

Join us as David Rosenberg guides us along the path of London’s radical heroes

We’ve a treat for all who appreciate the history, geography and the radical hearts who have lit up our great city when local author and historian David Rosenberg joins us to read from and answer questions about Radical Footprints, his guide to London’s Radical History.

From Socialists to suffragettes, Chartists to trade unionists, he promises us a journey through the struggles and protests of historic luminaries and lesser known heroes set against a backdrop of the city’s multi-faceted development. A stroll in the park it will not be! Find out how dissent has shaped our history at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th April. Entry is free and drinks will be served. Please book ahead via 0207 431 3770 /